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"How to Motivate Piano Students to Want to Play the Piano - the FUN WAY!"

  • Learn about the 3 most important and sought after areas of true musicianship: 1. Music Theory, 2. Improvisation, and 3. Composition
  • Learn 20 ways to motivate teen piano students or any piano student who needs a little more motivation.
  • Learn about Getting Started with Jazz Improvisation.
  • ​Learn the 7 Markers of Musical Success and how to quickly learn to read piano music.
  • ​Includes over 30 original COOL SONGS from Jerald's COOL SONGS SERIES (
  • ​Learn about Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know, Essential Piano Lessons, and Essential Piano Teachers.
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"Motivating Piano Students the FUN Way, with COOL SONGS!"

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