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Lifetime Access to Everything Online!

One time payment for Everything Jerald has created or will create in the future (PDF books and Courses).

(This does not include private lessons, physical products, in person events, or mentoring/mastermind groups).

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You Get it ALL Online! - EVERYTHING for $159.97

You will have access to everything Jerald has created and every product he will ever create during his life. You will be a lifelong customer and will have access to all of his courses, PDF series, MP3s, online video lessons and weekly online group piano lessons for life! You will also have access to the PDF books of all new books Jerald writes for life. (This does not include private lessons, physical products, in person events, or mentoring/mastermind groups).

Plus All PDF Books by Jerald Simon and every future book created by Jerald.

(retails for $9.95 for the PDF books - $159.20 if you purchased each PDF book below - not including new books)

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You can buy this product for $159.97. The Customer for Life product includes all of Jerald's PDF books, courses, pre-recorded video lessons, and the ability to receive all of Jerald's new PDF books, courses, and video lessons for life. This DOES NOT include any physical products. You will not receive any spiral bound books unless you have added spiral bound books or set onto your order. Jerald's spiral bound books can be purchased separately on this website or from local music stores. You can also buy all of Jerald's books as paperback books on Amazon at this link:

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Customer for Life (ALL ACCESS to a ALL PDF books and courses)
Customer for LIFE!
You are the DIE-HARD Music Motivation/Jerald Simon customer and Fan. We want to reward you accordingly. You will have lifetime access to ALL of Jerald's PDF Music Books, Poetry Books, MP3s and Courses - PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. You get it ALL! (This does not include private lessons, physical products, in person events, or mentoring/mastermind groups).

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  • ​All PDF Books: This onetime payment includes access to download all past, current, and future PDF books created by Jerald Simon.
  • ​All Courses: Includes full access to all past, current, and future Courses, video lessons, etc., created by Jerald Simon.
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