Why do you do what you do?

Have you ever thought about that before? Why do you do what you do? What are the reasons behind the “Why” of everything you do? Are things being done because you want to help yourself? Do you want to help others? Are you doing things out of fear? Stress? Worry? Guilt? Spite? Anger? Hatred? Revenge? Pride? Love? Peace? Faith? Determination? Motivation? Inspiration? Are you doing things because you want to do them or because others want you to do them? What is the “WHY” behind your words and actions?

Sometimes, without even knowing WHY, we do something or say something that we don’t really mean and ordinarily would never say or do under normal circumstances. Then why is it done in the first place? Is it a lack of self control? Is it a lack of patience? What compels us to do what we do and say what we say? There are many different reasons.

There are times in our lives when we react to situations, people, problems, experiences, and events without really thinking or calmly processing what we are doing beforehand. We all do it – without even thinking about it. But is it in our best interest and in the best interest of those around us? Does this quick reaction without thinking help or hurt us and those we love? In all truthfulness, when we react without really processing or thinking about the effects of what we are doing, saying, or thinking, we tend to overreact and can create more problems than solutions. In the heat of the moment something may be said or done that cannot be unsaid or undone. Sometimes we are so caught up in what is happening to us or about us that we go into what many experts have termed as the survival mode. It is sometimes referred to as the “Fight or Flight” reaction. In an effort to quickly make a decision, we sometimes say something out of frustration or try to go on impulse without thinking of future reactions or consequences. We don’t have any control over what happens next. This leaves us in a difficult situation because we really don’t have a say in how the other people will respond and what might happen because of our actions or words.

The best way to prevent future problems is to step back and take a moment to think before reacting. This is easier said than done. It’s easy to say what we might do or say in a certain situation before we actually find ourselves in that situation. No one truly knows how they might act or react when placed in difficult circumstances. With that being said, we can prepare ourselves beforehand so that we try to think about the reactions we could and should give if we were ever in any confrontational or uncomfortable dilemma where we might be tempted to say or do something we know we would regret later on.

If, instead, we try to do and say everything out of love and genuine concern for the welfare of the other person, we most likely won’t have those regrets. Yes, we can apologize and ask for forgiveness, but that does not change the fact that we said or did something that caused undue and unnecessary pain to someone else. What’s said is said. What’s done is done. It can never be taken back, and the other person may forgive, but they’ll likely never forget. Be prepared beforehand and think about others.

Be a little kinder today. Help others who are struggling. Speak only positive words today. Do not say or do anything that might hurt or hinder another. Be the bigger person. Be kind. Be loving. Be understanding. Be helpful. Be compassionate. Be a friend. Do everything you do out of love.

Here is a meme I created to help us think about what we should do and why we should do it.

Why do we do what we do? - by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation

What is a difficult experience you have had with family, friends, neighbors, piano students, or others who have caused you to stop and think before reacting a certain way? How did you handle it Did it turn out positively or negatively? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Be happy! Smile all the while and have FUN!




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