Triumphant by Jerald Simon (Intermediate Level – PDF, MP3s, and Video Lesson) – Single Use License


TRIUMPHANT by Jerald Simon. Feel TRIUMPHANT, Live TRIUMPHANT, BE TRIUMPHANT. This is the Single Use License for Triumphant by Jerald Simon.



TRIUMPHANT was initially composed with runners and athletes in mind.

You can watch a video of Triumphant below:

Here is another video I created featuring the music from Triumphant:

This video is dedicated to motivate each of us to live a TRIUMPHANT life – no matter what we do. It’s about dreaming big and living a purposeful life, focused and committed to doing the best and being the best we can be. It’s about being TRIUMPHANT! The music helps the listener focus on accomplishment, being purpose driven, and feeling motivated to excel and to succeed. A minus track version of TRIUMPHANT (where the piano part has been taken out) to enable piano players to “play along” with the professional musicians on the MP3. They may use the track at home in their practice and also at piano recitals, concerts, school talent shows, etc. The music is fun to play on the piano, especially when playing along with the minus track (which is available with this download).

Visit the TRIUMPHANT Facebook page: The motto for our TRIUMPHANT page is: FEEL TRIUMPHANT, LIVE TRIUMPHANT, BE TRIUMPHANT! You may also visit the Facebook page for Jerald Simon: The music in TRIUMPHANT features the piano, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, drums, an orchestra (violins/violas/cello/bass/timpani) – all performed by talented professional musicians.

TRIUMPHANT Composed/Orchestrated and Arranged by Jerald Simon
Produced by Music Motivation® Copyright © 2013 Music Motivation® – All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured Licensing through ASCAP

The following are the talented musicians who played the instruments on TRIUMPHANT:

Composed/Orchestrated and Arranged by Jerald Simon Audio Engineer – Michael Gibbons Mixed and Mastered by Barry Gibbons – Platinum Sounds Studio (Mixing and Re-mastering)

Photography on cover image – Jon Woodbury (
Piano – Jerald Simon Acoustic Guitar – Michael Gibbons Electric Guitar (2 parts – chords and lead solo) Michael Gibbons Electric Bass – Rob Honey First Violin (3 violinists) – Meredith Campbell, Natalie Reed, Kathryn Collier Second Violin (2 violinists) – Maria Dance, Kristiana Sandberg Viola – Melissa Draper Cello – Nicole Jackson String Bass – Ben Henderson Timpani – Todd Sorensen Drum Set and Percussion Set (shakers, etc.) – Todd Sorensen RNX

TRIUMPHANT the MP3 single came out on Feb. 14, 2013.

The album/book, also titled TRIUMPHANT, features 10 original fully orchestrated motivational compositions by Jerald Simon, similar to TRIUMPHANT the single MP3. The 10 original compositions are: (1)”Triumphant”, (2) “What Could Have Been”, (3) “Prestige”, (4) “Stepping Stones”, (5) “Conviction”, (6) “Standing Tall”, (7) “Ahead of the Game”, (8) “Looking Up” (9) “If at First You Don’t Succeed”, (10) “Starting Over”. Each of the songs is presented in lesson format to help the students learn the theory used to compose each song. Each lesson is easy to understand, user friendly, and teacher friendly.

Additional information


Intermediate Level

Page Count

8 Pages


3 MP3s

Here is what each of the three MP3s contain (fully orchestrated with drums, guitars, keyboard synths, etc.):

(1) The Cool Song at performance speed with Jerald playing the piece so students can hear how it should sound
(2) The Cool Song at performance speed without the piano so students can perform the piece, and
(3) The Cool Song at practice speed where the music has been cut in half of the original speed.


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