Studio License – Cool Songs for Cool Kids (0) Primer Level – PDF download


By purchasing this studio license, you are licensed to download this PDF book and print out copies of individual pieces from the book or the entire book for your piano students. This is a lifetime license! This is only for the students in your studio. Other piano teachers will need to purchase their own license to print off the books for the students in their studios.

Cool Songs for Cool Kids (Primer Level) features 21 fun and Cool sounding piano pieces composed specifically for beginning pre-teen and teenage piano students – especially teenage boys. Each of these Cool Songs were composed by Jerald Simon during actual piano lessons with many of his own teenage piano students to help motivate and inspire them to learn music theory the fun way – through original Cool Songs.

The songs are:

1. Blue Lagoon
2. H2O – Ready, Set, Go!
3. The Unicorn that Got Away
4. Keep On Keeping On
5. Rhythmically Impaired
6. Walkie-Talkie War Cry
7. Ghost Town Giggles
8. Big Ben Strikes Again
9. The 5th Avenue Frolic
10. The Sinking Submarine
11. Down and Out
12. Let ’em Have it!
13. The Pizza Party Patrol
14. Ferris Wheel
15. Western Winds
16. Point and Click
17. Oh-Vation
18. Little Piece
19. Revenge of the Piranhas
20. The Cocker-Spaniel Catastrophe
21. Have Mercy



Additional information


Beginning level (five finger position for the first half of the book).
Whole notes, Half notes, Quarter notes, and Eighth notes with the equivalent rests.

Page Count

50 pages


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