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By purchasing this studio license, you are licensed to download this PDF book and print out copies of individual pieces from the book or the entire book for your piano students. This is a lifetime license! This is only for the students in your studio. Other piano teachers will need to purchase their own license to print off the books for the students in their studios.

Students learn what intervals are, how they are used to create tetra-chords (e.g. C D E F) and how tetra-chords are used to create scales (e.g. the C tetra chord is C D E F combined with the G tetra chord which is G A B C creates the C Major scale). Students learn all of the intervals, primary triad chord progression moving up diatonically (e.g. Major, minor, minor, Major, Major, minor, diminished triad, Major), and all of the seventh chords moving up diatonically according to all of the Major scales in every major key signature (Major seventh, minor seventh, minor seventh, Major seventh, Dominant seventh, minor seventh, minor seventh flat the 5th).

Students also learn each of the seven primary modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian) in every key signature following the circle of fifths. In addition, the modes are presented in two ways:

(1) Going in order beginning with each mode in the respective key signature (i.e. C Ionian, D Dorian, E Phrygian, etc.) and
(2) Going in order using the tonic (the note after which the key signature is named) of the respective key signature for each mode (i.e. C Ionian, C Dorian, C Phrygian, etc.).



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Music Theory resource book. Intermediate to advanced level. An Introduction to Scales and Modes is the first book ever written by Jerald.

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68 pages


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