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Essential Piano Exercises – Paperback from Amazon


Jerald presents the exercises in book format and also includes video format with a side and top view to demonstrate the hand position, fingering, and technique needed to play the scales and chords correctly – in all keys and in all inversions. He also explains what to do with the knowledge they have acquired and how to take their piano playing to the next level. Learning the theory is good – knowing what to do with the theory is the practical application where Jerald demonstrates how to use music theory to arrange, improvise, compose, and create music of your own. The students are not solely taught the theory, which is important, but more important than simply learning the theory is the practical application of why we are learning these scales and chords and what we can do with them once we have learned them. It is the hands on approach to teaching music theory. In addition, Jerald explains the theory in practical and simple terms so that everyone can easily understand and know music theory for what it can do to help them in three primary ways:

(1) sight read the piano music better and faster as a result of knowing the scales and chords,
(2) take their music playing and music creating to the next level so they can improvise, arrange, and compose music of their own, and
(3) ultimately feel comfortable and excited to learn music theory – the FUN WAY!

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Music Theory resource book. Early Intermediate to Advanced level.

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19 reviews for Essential Piano Exercises – Paperback from Amazon

  1. jenvanleuven8

    Very thorough book with tons of information and fun exercises that can help students learn while not realizing they are learning! So many unique and fun exercises! I will definitely be using this in my piano studio!

  2. lauraannspiano

    Excellent resource! Great exercises for use in piano pedagogy. Very comprehensive book!

  3. Kunbi Osinoiki

    Comprehensive, well thought out resource with clear progression for different stages of learning. Plug and Play into your teaching practice. A very valuable resource!

  4. jacksonlimheal

    An organized anthology of all kinds of chords in all keys, good for learned musicians who want to have a systematic review. Exercises come in many pop music patterns, good for classical musicians who want to explore different grooves. Most exercises were written in pentachords and octaves, suitable for beginners to have as essential exercises, as the rhythms used are mostly simple.

  5. jeannemarie

    This is an excellent resource for music teachers and students. It’s well organized, clear and thorough. Save yourself some time and order this today!

  6. kosmvaso

    It’s a hefty assortment of exercises on scales and chords. It’s the most complete and versatile book I’ve seen suitable for theoretical and practical oriented musicians. I really enjoyed the first pages which can be used for theory lessons as well as. Moreover, I really liked the songs included giving a more complete approach and valuing the use of chords and scales in musicality. It is suitable for early intermediate to advanced pianists, however, I would strongly suggest it for adult beginners, too. The edition with the spiral-bound is an interesting option as well. All in all, it’s probably the best book right now in chords and scales, covering theory but also including pieces. Excellent for pianists of all levels and ages, interested not only in classical but also in jazz/blues etc. It is ideal for students or individuals who want to work with goals since its structure helps setting goals and making study plans!

  7. shaunaleavitt

    I’m looking forward to using this resource in my studio. The theory concepts and technic exercises are presented in an organized way that will help students understand what to listen for, which will give them the tools to create more musical moments in their playing. I love the charts that are included at the beginning of the book. These will help teachers motivate students to reach all technical goals being set during lessons. A very comprehensive and well thought out collection that every studio should own.

  8. suemyc

    This is a great resource for teachers and intermediate/advanced piano students. It has a wide range of essential exercises. It has exercises suitable for beginners (teens and adults), and as students progress, the book has progressively more difficult exercises. I’ll be using it with my students!

  9. laurabentonmusic

    Jerald has provided a logical, detailed, and well-thought-out compendium of intervallic exercises, chord progressions, and scales. Practice resources are outstanding. This will be a wonderful reference for my intermediate and advanced students as well as for me.

  10. hweefen.goh

    This is super helpful to teachers and intermediate/advanced students. I like the fact that Jerald listed down a checklist for all the keys and chords to be covered. There is also a circle of fifth chart for students to fill in, which is really very thoughtful of Jerald. The amount of effort to notate every exercises in all 12 keys are superb! The last part of the book included the practical application of the music theory, which is great too! Would definitely use it often in my studio!

  11. chickie_t18

    Wow, an amazing book filled with every technical exercise! No more need to pull out different books to find the easy and hard ones. This is an essential book for any music teacher!

  12. katejones2003

    “Essential Piano Exercises Every Piano Player Should Know” is an incredibly in-depth resource for teachers and a considerable amount of theory and exercises for students. The progression starting with pentascales shows how it can be used at any stage of learning, and also how important scale and chord knowledge is…..and how easy this can be incorporated in a fun way. I like the early on emphasis of core concepts, especially the circle of fifths. Students always love a checklist! The musical examples are well type-set and extremely clear. Explanations are too, although the amount of text might suggest that this book will be more used by teachers than piano students. I would imagine that students of piano pedagogy will find this book extremely useful too. I particularly like the ‘Practical real world application’ for example on p75, and the illustration of cadence variations. This is showing students that scales, etc are so much more than just an exercise or the dots on the page. Including 7th, aug and sus4 chords (and others) just goes to show how there are no musical style boundaries. Indeed, the notion of ‘having fun’ to explore improvisation is important! The introductions to each of the Cool Song compositions illustrate the pedagogy ideas and there is even more advice shared in the ‘additional ideas’.

  13. pedrotoro3

    This is a marvelous teaching books for beginners, intermediate and even advanced students who want to develop their piano techniques. Scales, arpeggios, chords, exercises and short pieces are included. Take me a while to get through this book because is a comprehensive guide. Some of my students have played Mr. Simon’s music and they love it. I’m sure they will enjoy this material and most importantly they will learn basic and fundamental notions about music and will learn essential piano skills.

  14. youcanplaythat

    I love the layout of this book! Its a great way to get students motivated and thinking about exercises differently.

  15. midoripiano80

    This book has a tremendous amount of information! From beginners through advanced level students, there are exercises that would not only develop technical skills but also theory knowledge. Scales and chords are clearly laid out and there is even a checklist for students to keep track of what they have learned. This is a great resource for teachers and students alike. I personally think that this is a fantastic resource for new teachers who need guidance on approaching technique. Possibly even a great resource for pedagogy programs at the university level.

  16. janica777

    The Essential Piano Exercises is a great book with wonderful resources. The book includes excellent Technical exercises, but also Repertoire, Musical Terminology, Scales, Chords, Rhythm, Theory, Key signature, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Music History, Composition and even a Motivation part. I highly recommend this all in one book to any music teacher, who would like to have everything in one place.

  17. linnellbelle

    “Well, the title page description says it all.
    “Learn Intervals, Pentascales, Tetrachords, Scales (major and minor),
    Chords (triads, sus, aug., dim., 6th, 7th), Chord Progressions, and FUN,
    COOL Piano Exercises in all Key Signatures and in all inversions.”
    That’s pretty much what this book is. And I love it. I use this book with all of my piano students, from beginners to intermediate. Everyone starts learning the C major scale and moves along the Circle of 5ths. Most of my students really like playing their scales…several ask to start each lesson with the exercises in this book. I also like having a list of what every level of student should learn. It’s great to have a roadmap to track progess and to show parents. I love having everything in one place!

  18. seckmanmusicstudio

    Just as the title says, these are fundamental exercises EVERY piano student should know — so EVERY piano teacher should have a copy of the book! There are exercises in this book that are great for all ages and stages of students to keep their reading sharp, while having fun at the piano keyboard. This is quickly becoming a staple in my studio.

  19. kallir7603

    Solid resource for theory and keyboard skills. Thanks for making this available, J.

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