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This motivational book bundle features three of Jerald’s motivational/inspirational books: Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers, The “As If” Principle (motivational poetry), and Motivation in a Minute.

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Get three motivational books in a bundle – Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers, The “As If” Principle (motivational poetry) and Motivation in a Minute by Jerald Simon.

Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers by Jerald Simon (read more at this link):

What do you really want to do with your time? What is your mission in life? Where have you been, and where would you like to go? What are your dreams, your hopes, your wishes? If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

The main goal in writing down these perceptions, parables, and pointers, and in creating this book in general, is to present ideas that will help get people thinking, imagining, planning, creating, and actively participating in life.

The “As If” Principle (motivational poetry) by Jerald Simon features 222 original motivational poems written by Simon to inspire and motivate men, women, businesses, organizations, leaders, mentors, advisers, teachers, and students.  The poems were written to teach values and encourage everyone everywhere to do and be their best. (read more at this link):

The poems were written over a 20 year period and contain motivational advice about never giving up.  It’s about doing what it takes, believing in yourself and your own abilities and believing in others.  The poems focus on such topics as:

Honor, courage, success, strength, will power, leadership, possibilities, confidence, goal setting, optimism,  rising above mediocrity, character, never doubting ourselves, being productive, learning from adversity, doing what it takes, being happy, seeing the good in others, forgiving, seeing our own potential and the potential in others, learning life’s lessons, righting wrongs, becoming a self starter, learning to control our thoughts, words, and deeds, and many more.

Motivation in a Minute by Jerald Simon (read more at this link):

Motivation matters! We all need to hear words of encouragement to remind us of what matters most in life. We can, if we let ourselves, become distracted with work, schedules, meetings, deadlines, hobbies, social media and hundreds of other seemingly good and important activities. We have advanced and improved so much in so many areas of life that we have been pushed to become busier instead of truly simplifying our lives. Our calendars are booked with endless appointments and we often go from one event to the next with little or no down time in between. Our day to day schedules have often become more of a distraction to us and often cause us more stress, worry, guilt, and anxiety than they should. It is time to simplify our lives, scale back if we need to, and refocus and recommit to our purpose and mission in life. We must dare to live our dreams and do what we have always wanted to but never knew how. Motivation In a Minute is a collection of Motivational Messages written by Jerald Simon to help others find their purpose and mission in life. These vignettes are meant to be short inspirational thoughts and ideas designed to help others think about where they are in life and where they would like to go, what they would like to do, accomplish, and become. The book is presented with a motivational picture on each even numbered page of the book, and an accompanying quote that is followed up with questions, tips, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts to think about on each odd numbered page of the book.

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