Special Promotional Sale on the Cool Songs Series by Jerald Simon

I have a special announcement!
We are doing a very SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL SALE on the COOL SONGS Series until January 14th, 2020! – https://www.coolsongsclub.com

The single use license is $24.95 (50% off – regularly $49.95) 

The piano teacher lifetime studio license is $79.00 (50% off – regularly $190.00)

– this limited time special ends on January 14th, 2020.


We are also having a 50% off sale on single use license PDF books from our website, musicmotivation.com. You will receive a 50% off price on all PDF books from my website until January 29th, 2020.




Piano teachers can upgrade their single use license to a studio license for an additional $79.00 at checkout (ordinarily $190.00) – The discounted price is already included in the checkout – no need to add a code or coupon. After January 14th, 2020, the price goes back up to $190.00 for the studio license.



If you’ve thought about buying the COOL SONGS Series before, but have been waiting, this is the time to purchase the COOL SONGS Series. This sale only lasts until January 14th, 2020, so take advantage of this one time sale!

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Learn about the promotional sale at this link: https://www.coolsongsclub.com

Learn how to become a COOL SONGS Affiliate and earn a 25% commission on every sale at this link: https://jeraldsimon.clickfunnels.com/affiliate-login/09e808dc742 – You can share your affiliate ID with your family and friends and earn a 25% commission on the total sale amount when your family and friends purchase the COOL SONGS Series.

If you are a piano teacher, please share this post in any of the piano teaching groups here on Facebook to let other piano teachers know about this promotional offer.

Everyone who shares this announcement by emailing it to their friends and family or on their Facebook page and tags me (Jerald Simon) and the The Cool Songs Club Facebook Group will receive a FREE PDF copy of my most recent book, “Wintertide” plus the MP3 single of “Wintertide” from the new album (“Wintertide”) which comes out in January, 2020. Thanks for sharing this post with other piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students!

If you share this email/post on two or more social media pages before December 30th (and tell me about it/tag me in it @jeraldsimon), I will give you a $9.95 coupon allowing you to download one of my PDF books for FREE from my website. It is only one coupon per email – not how many times you re-share this post.


Here are some testimonials from some piano teaching experts:

Testimonial by Allysia Van Betuw about Cool Songs composed by Jerald Simon (Music Motivation – musicmotivation.com)


Testimonial by Tim Topham about Cool Songs composed by Jerald Simon (Music Motivation – musicmotivation.com)


Testimonial about Jennifer Fox about Cool Songs composed by Jerald Simon – Music Motivation (musicmotivation.com)


Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

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Thanks again!

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