Pulse by Jerald Simon (a techno-pop CD featuring the piano)


Pulse is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and all other online music stores. Listen to the fun techno-pop music on Spotify.

Watch a “Motivational Message” I created featuring “Pulse” from the “Pulse” CD

“Today is YOUR Day!”


Watch a “Motivational Message” I created featuring “Seismic” from the “Pulse” CD

“Be Good. Be Great. Be Glorious!”


I finished my 8th CD and would love to have you listen to it. It’s titled, PULSE, and is a techno/pop album. You can click on the image above to buy the album on iTunes or visit this link directly to listen to the entire album on CDBaby (you can also purchase it on CDBaby): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jeraldsimon11 – Pulse is available on CDBabyiTunesAmazon and all online music stores. Listen on Spotify and have fun with this techno-pop sound!


Here is the album description:

This album contains 6 techno/pop soundtrack-like instrumental pieces that feature the piano and is reminiscent of the stylistic rhythmic beat of the 1980s. This is perfect for dancing, exercising, running, or business use (commercials/seminars/etc.).


The 6 techno/pop pieces are:

1. Pulse

2. Highway

3. Seismic

4. Danger

5. Conquest

6. Dynamite


Thanks for listening, everyone!

If you know anyone who may be interested in this, please share it with them. If you know any media contacts – television, newspapers, radio, etc., who you feel would enjoy hearing about this, please share this with them. I would love your help in spreading the word about PULSE!

Thanks guys!

Jerald Simon – Music Motivation (http://musicmotivation.com)

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