New Health Practitioner Vendor Application Form…


For the first time, we are extending an open invitation to any individuals, chiropractors, massage therapists, foot-zoners, yoga trainers, holistic practitioners, reiki masters, and other health care providers (rehabilitation, spas, therapy, etc.), to become individual Music Motivation® Vendors. As venders you can resell our relaxation/meditation CDs and self help books to your customers and clients (we will be coming out with several Self Help titles this year). We will soon extend this same open invitation for all piano teachers and piano studios who would like to purchase all of our music books at a 40% discount to resell to the students in their studios. If you are a piano teacher and would be interested in a permanent 40% discount, please EMAIL ME and I will send you an information packet. The same information below will be applied to piano teachers.

To be considered as a Music Motivation® Vendor of the meditation/relaxation CDs and inspirational self help books by Jerald Simon, you, as an individual or as a company, will be required to purchase a minimum of 10 products with every order. At least two orders must be purchased within a 12 month time frame and can include either CDs and or books (a total of at least 20 products per year). When you have sold all of the CDs/Books to your customers or when you are running low on your supply, simply place a new order online and the CDs and books will be mailed out the day you place the order (depending on our inventory on hand). You must purchase at least 10 CDs, but can purchase any amount above that to meet your needs. You can mix and match any CD or book to reach your 10 product minimum.

Click on the image below to download the New Vendor Application Form

As a vendor you will purchase the meditation and relaxation products at our wholesaler’s price and will receive a 40% discount off the suggested retail price. After filling out the paper work in this new vendor form, simply scan and email or mail the form to us, and we will enter your information into our system. After we have entered your information into our database, you will receive a welcome email from us with your own personal 40% off code. This will be specific to you and your company. Simply use this code with every order and you will automatically receive the 40% off discounted price. We recommend selling the products to your customers at the suggested retail price, unless you would like to offer special discounts to your customers. You will then keep the profit from your sales.

Currently these are the following titles available to our Music Motivation® Vendors of the meditation/relaxation CDs and inspirational self help books by Jerald (click on each box to listen to the CDs):


Chasing Clouds

The Dawn of a New Age

Hymns of the Heart

Sweet Serenity


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