My new book, 100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know, is #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases Section for Piano Songbooks…

“100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know”​ (How to Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways) – includes the FUN Fake Book by Jerald Simon


100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation


My new book, “100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know!” (Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways), is in the #1 Spot on Amazon’s Hot New Releases Song Book Section.

100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation - #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases category



I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! to the many piano teachers who have already responded when I asked for piano teachers to review my new book, “100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know” (Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways). It also includes my FUN Fake Book featuring 100 songs in Fake Book format. Most of these are in the Key of C (I had to keep certain songs/pieces in their actual key signatures, like: “Minuet in G” – It’s self explanatory).

So many piano teachers have responded and I am shocked and humbled by the wonderful comments you all have left as you have started reviewing my new book. It is still in the Number #1 Spot on Amazon in the Song Book Section one week later. Thank you all for your help (and especially the ones who have purchased the book on Amazon to help it get and stay in the number #1 spot).

Click on the front cover image of the book below to learn more about the book and also to download a sample PDF copy of the book:


100 Left Hand Patterns cover image by Jerald Simon published by Music Motivation

Here are a few testimonials from piano teachers:

“In recent years, I have had more students who have been interested in playing music from lead sheets. I feel that I have found a gold mine in Jerald Simon’s “100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know!” This book is the most comprehensive book that I have seen when it comes to teaching students how to improvise. Not only does this book include 100 lead sheets of 5 different genres of music (Children’s Songs, American Folk Songs/Patriotic Songs, Christmas Music, Classical Music, and Gospel/Spiritual/Religious) in “The Fun Fake Book” section; but it also gives the student numerous playing styles to choose from: Boogie-Woogie, Pop, Contemporary and more. There is a “Practical Application” section that gives instructions and examples on how to apply the different left-hand styles to a melody. In the “Chords to Learn” section, common chords are shown in each key. There is even a section that touches on how to improvise with the right hand. With the information and music presented in this book, students will be able to sit down for hours and experiment by mixing and matching the lead sheets to the varying styles written for the left hand.” – Therese Bertrand


“This book is perfect for students of all ages and levels to begin improvising using lead sheets. There are a ton of aurally familiar left hand patterns that start very simple and go to very complex (beginner to advanced). Since all patterns are notated and fingered, it could also be used to strengthen bass clef reading (because we all know the struggle!) The fake book in the back is great, as it has kids songs plus others that older students will know. I plan to use this with every single student in my studio, especially the teens and adults!” – Bruce M.


I’m still looking for more piano teachers who would be willing to review this book and I need your help! The official release date is not until the end of January, 2019 with the main marketing push happening in February 2019. I am looking for at least 200 + piano teachers from around the world who would be willing to receive a FREE PDF download of the book for their review in exchange for a review/testimonial that can be shared in three places (you can basically write one review and copy and paste it in these three different places – I would also love to have you share it on your Facebook or social media page as well and with family and friends who may be interested):

1. On My Website ( – you can download a sample copy to get an idea of what the book looks like by clicking on the above link),

2. AMAZON (, and

3. My GoodReads page: or visit my Author page here:

If your piano students would like to purchase one of the books, they may purchase the book as either a PDF download or a Spiral Bound copy from my website, or a paperback version from Amazon ( The book is also available as a Studio License for Piano Teachers who would like to purchase the studio license (

If you would like to receive a FREE PDF copy, please leave a comment below or send me a personal message (message me @Jerald, or leave a message on my website). The book is not even in all of the music stores yet, but soon will be. I’m still in the process of receiving testimonials from other music professionals that will be inside the book and used in my marketing campaign (which is why I set the release date so far out in the future from when the book was actually completed – not realizing it would go to number 1 on Amazon’s new release list without me even mentioning the book or promoting it – go figure!). Let me know if you are interested. I would love your feedback and thoughts.

If you know other piano teachers or piano students in your area who may enjoy the book, they can purchase the PDF book copy ($9.95), spiral bound book ($17.95), or a lifetime piano teacher license ($59.95) where teachers can print out parts or all of the book. All three of these are available from my website. I’d love to have you share this info on your social media sites (If you want to, you could share this post I have shared about this book). Of course, it is also available on Amazon for $17.95 as a paperback (It was the Number #1 new release in the Music Song Book section on Amazon the week of December 17th – December 23rd, 2018 and is still in the Number #1 spot as of this writing).

Thank you for being willing to review my new book!

Here is another testimonial from a piano teacher:

“An invaluable collection, presented clearly and organized well. This book is perfect for anyone who is ready to expand their piano-playing into the realm of improvisation, composing, or arranging. All of the patterns are written in the key of C, but there is a section that deals with transposing and what the common chords in each key are so you can play along with your favorite instrumentalist in a key that’s comfortable for them, or transpose for your vocalist’s range. Most patterns are simple enough to fit on one line, with a few that extend to two or three, maximum. Many of the patterns are simple variations on a basic pattern, which I feel helps those who are beginning to improv realize that it’s okay to make small changes ‘just to see’ instead of trying to pull stuff from thin air.

“The book is divided into several distinct sections, making it very easy to go straight to whichever style is most interesting. It starts with very simple patterns; as a teacher, I can use these even with those in the first few months of instruction. I wish I had had the section on jazz patterns back when I first started playing in jazz bands, as my teacher at the time couldn’t help me much in that regard! It’s also easy to see the practical application of theory. No more students asking “Does it really matter if I know what a diminished chord is?” Fingerings and chord symbols are written in, and Mr. Simon is obviously a teacher himself, as the reader is constantly encouraged to recognize patterns and make their own cognitive leaps.

“Best of all for those using this book independently instead of with a teacher, there is a “Practical Application” page where Mr. Simon has taken several patterns and written out several possible realizations of them with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. This really sets the reader up for success as they move on to the fake book section (or their own fake book if they have one they prefer) and try the patterns there. The fake book itself has a good selection of music. Everybody is bound to find several songs they enjoy to play with in this section.

“I would highly recommend this book to teachers for use with their students, but also for those learning piano without a teacher – it’s that clear and easy to use.” – Rebecca Bogardus

I’d love to have you review a PDF copy in exchange for your review/testimonial as mentioned above. You can also purchase the book as mentioned above from my website or Amazon (it will soon be in all of the music stores – if you are a music store and would like to begin selling my books, please contact me!).

Smile and BE HAPPY!


Jerald Simon - Music Mentor, piano teacher, Music Motivation

Jerald Simon – Music Mentor, piano teacher, author, composer and poet – Founder of Music Motivation® –

First and foremost, Jerald is a husband to his beautiful wife, Zanny, and a father to his wonderful children. Jerald Simon is the founder of Music Motivation® (, a company he formed to provide music instruction through workshops, giving speeches and seminars, and concerts and performances in the field of music and motivation. He is a composer, author, poet, and Music Mentor/piano teacher (primarily focusing his piano teaching on music theory, improvisation, composition, and arranging). Jerald loves spending time with his wife, Zanny, and their children. In addition, he loves music, teaching, speaking, performing, playing sports, exercising, reading, writing poetry and self help books, and gardening.

Jerald created as a resource for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. In 2008 he began creating his Cool Songs to help teach music theory – the FUN way by putting FUN back into theory FUNdamentals. Jerald has also filmed hundreds of piano lesson video tutorials on his YouTube page ( He is the author/poet of “The As If Principle” (motivational poetry), and the books “Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers”, “Motivation in a Minute”, and “Who Are You?”. Jerald is also the author of 21 music books from the Music Motivation® Series and has also recorded and produced several albums and singles of original music (available on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all online music stores and radio and streaming stations).

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