Music, Motivation, and More – the Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon…

For those of you who may not have heard yet, I started a podcast about a month ago. The podcast is titled:

“Music, Motivation, and More – the Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon”

I have thought about doing podcasts for a long time – in part because I want the podcast to be an extension of my motivational/inspirational books I have written and will write, and also to go along with my motivational speaking I do with businesses, schools, events, conventions, conferences and organizations.

Every Monday I release a new podcast. Each podcast focuses on a specific theme or topic. Each one follows the following format:

  1. Intro/Opening and Outro/Ending
  2. Positive Perceptions (featuring the perceptions from my book, “Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers”)
  3. Motivation in a Minute (various topics)
  4. The Music Within (featuring one of my songs or pieces I have composed or arranged from my various albums and books – I describe and discuss a little about how and why I composed or arranged the music)
  5. Poetry that Motivates – I read one of my poems from my poetry books (starting with “The ‘As If’ Principle – motivational poetry”)

Here is a little info about my podcast:

Every Monday Jerald Simon, founder of Music Motivation ( and the creator of the Cool Songs Club ( releases a new positivity podcast as part of his weekly mission to motivate others with his music and his writing. His podcast, “Music, Motivation, and More – The Positivity Podcast with Jerald Simon”  features Jerald discussing topics that focus on: “Positive Perceptions,” “Motivation in a Minute,” the “Music Within,” and “Poetry that Motivates”. Listen as Jerald shares his own experiences and motivational messages combined with the power of music. At the end of each weekly podcast Jerald shares one of his motivational poems he has written to inspire others to be their best and do their best.

So far I have released 9 podcasts. Every Monday I will share a new one on my website, but you can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Overcast, and any of the other major podcast stations/platforms.

Here is a review of the last 9 podcasts:

Episode 9:

Do Not Dwell on Defeat by Jerald Simon

Episode 8:

The Art of Listening by Jerald Simon

Episode 7:

Goals, Guts, and Glory by Jerald Simon

Episode 6:

What Are Your Aspirations by Jerald Simon

Episode 5:

If Only You Believe by Jerald Simon

Episode 4:

Passivity is a Poison by Jerald Simon

Episode 3:

You Are What You Read by Jerald Simon

Episode 2:

Your Own Personal Progress Plan…by Jerald Simon

Episode 1:

Music, Motivation, and More – an Introduction by Jerald Simon

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