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Every week I compose new COOL SONGS as part of the COOL SONGS Club for members of the club. This monthly membership site costs $6.95 per month to join and with it all members receive 2  New Cool Songs every month (1 beginning level piece and 1 intermediate to advanced level piece). Members receive the PDF sheet music, MP3s, and Video Lessons. For teachers, these are also lifetime studio licenses that can be printed out for any of their students. As part of the benefits of the membership, you also receive 3 – 4 New Cool Exercises, worksheets, PDF downloadable/re-printable tips on how to arrange, improvise, and compose music of your own. It’s our way to help piano students learn music theory the FUN Way! Every month we have exclusive member only online workshops and webinars where Jerald teaches specific concepts and includes FREE advice, suggestions, and tips on motivating piano students to have fun playing the piano. These are some of the perks of joining the COOL SONGS Club. A pre-requisite to joining the COOL SONGS Club is to purchase the COOL SONGS Single Use license (this features 163 previous COOL SONGS composed by Jerald Simon for a one time payment of $49.95 – piano teachers can upgrade their single use license to a lifetime studio license for an additional one time payment of $190.00 – the teacher studio license gives piano teachers over 350 COOL SONGS between 21 PDF books they can use in their studio).

You can learn more about my COOL SONGS Club at this link: coolsongsclub.com

This club is perfect for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. It’s a great go-to resource for new and fun music every month. If you want to learn music theory, improvisation, and composition on the piano, then join today! Jerald composes primer level, beginning level, early intermediate level, and intermediate – advanced level COOL SONGS for piano players of all ages!

One of the best benefits of the COOL SONGS CLUB is our monthly piano lesson outline we send out the first week of each month. This is especially appreciated by piano teachers. We create an outline designed for piano teachers to use in their piano lessons with their piano students for each month during the year. We have a monthly topic, chords of the month, scales of the month, and a fun teaching tip for the month that is helpful for piano teachers and piano students. I think you’ll enjoy this additional perk of being a member of the COOL SONGS CLUB!

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