Introducing my new book…Sand Castles for the intermediate piano student

I always enjoy coming out with different styles of music to help piano teachers have a variety of styles they can offer to their piano students. I also want to give the piano students fun original compositions I have composed that help teach music theory the fun way. With all of my compositions, I try to teach the students the music theory through the piece so they will be able to understand what they are doing, and will also be able to create music of their own. I hope to empower piano students to take what I have done and use it as a stepping stone to create their own music. In each of the videos I produce on my YouTube channel ( I try to teach the practical application of the music theory I used to compose the piano solo and show piano students how they can compose something of their own in a similar style.

My new book is called, “Sand Castles”, and features 10 soothing new age and contemporary piano pieces I have composed for the intermediate to late intermediate piano student. All 10 of these cool songs were composed as part of my “Cool Songs Individual Piano Student and the Individual and Platinum Piano Teacher packages.”

Here is what the cover of the book Sand Castles looks like:

Sand Castles by Jerald Simon (complete PDF book) - published by Music Motivation (front cover image)

Click Here to download the sample copy of the book to preview the book before you buy it!

You can purchase the PDF of this book for $9.95 here on my website at this link:

I”d love to hear your feedback about the pieces from the book. It’s so much fun to see my own piano students learn these pieces and then take the ideas I present in the book and begin composing piano solos of their own in a similar style based on what I have taught in the video lessons.

Here are the 10 piano pieces (you can watch the video of me playing and teaching these pieces below):

1. Arise
2. Sand Castles
3. Summer Nights
4. Ethereal – You Can download this piece for free on my website as part of my FREE Download Series (simply CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD)
5. Summer Sunrise
6. Flip-side
7. Daylight
8. Forsaken
9. Twirling
10. Easy Does It! – You Can download this piece for free on my website as part of my FREE Download Series (simply CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD)

Of these ten piano solos in this book, my students all say their favorite top 5 pieces are: 1. Forsaken, 2. Flipside, 3. Summer Sunrise, 4. Daylight, and a toss up between 5. Summer Nights and 6. Sand Castles. Almost all 50+ of my piano students said these were their top 5 pieces from the book and most of them even followed that order of their favorite pieces as well. I, of course, like all ten of the pieces for different reasons and as the composer think they are all wonderful in their own unique way. In many ways I cannot truthfully select my favorite piece because it would be like a father trying to pick which child is their favorite! I like them all equally for different reasons!

I hope you enjoy playing these pieces.

Watch me play the fun arrangements from this book by clicking on the YouTube videos below (there are ten separate videos – one for each of the pieces from this book). Each video presents me teaching the theory of the music and helping piano students learn how to play the piece after watching me play the piece and explaining a little about how they can compose music of their own similar to the piece I have composed. Watch these videos and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear back from you and see what you think.


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