How to Sound Like a Modal Jazz Musician on the Piano in Minutes!

In today’s PIANO FUNdamental exercise, I am going to share…

How to Sound Like a Modal Jazz Musician on the Piano in Minutes!

Watch this video where I teach you what to do and how to do it (and then download the PDF exercise below – it will be FREE today and tomorrow so you better act fast). This is one of the COOL EXERCISES from the COOL SONGS Club. If you have already purchased the COOL SONGS Suite Bundle ($49.95) and have subscribed to the COOL SONGS Club (a monthly subscription program for $6.95 per month – a pre-requisite to joining the club is to purchase the COOL SONGS Suite), then you will be able to download this for FREE when you log in to your COOL SONGS Club account (the newest COOL SONGS and COOL EXERCISES are always at the top – 1 – 2 new COOL SONGS are released each month as well as 2 – 4 new COOL EXERCISES – these are part of the perks of being a member of the COOL SONGS Club).

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Modal Jazz Improv with seventh Chords by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation -

Have fun with this!

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