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I feel that every musician should learn as much as they can about the lives and music of the great composers – past and present.  There are so many fascinating facts about the composers’ lives that add value to their music.  Their music becomes more meaningful to us when we understand them as people with all the heart-aches, trials, pains, joys and happiness that life brought them.

In order to help more people learn about the lives of the great composers, I have created links to some of the best websites about each of the composers.  This list is not complete (and most likely never will be – if you know of other great websites to add, please let me know).  I will continue to update each of these lists as I discover more and more sites that should be added.

These links are wonderful resources for teachers and students.  I encourage every teacher to not only assign music to their students, but to extend the opportunity of promoting the history of music as well through learning about the composers.

I would encourage teachers to have their own students learn something new about at least one composer per week or month depending on your preference.  They could write a review, essay, short story, or compose a song of their own in style of one of the composers (following the form, chord progressions, key signature, style, etc).  The sky is the limit.  Students can come to the Music Motivation® Website (composer page) and learn about each of the composers.

This list below primarily contains information about the most well-known composers (but will continually be added to and updated).  If you can think of more composers that you would like added, please e-mail me.

The following information was primarily taken from “Wikipedia’s List of Composers.” Other great resources are: “At-A-Glance Guide (A-Z of Composers)” by Andrew Moore (published by Mel Bay), and the “Essential Dictionary of Composers” by L.C. Harnsberger (published by Alfred). If you can think of more composers that you would like added, please contact me.


Check out Wikipedia’s “List of Composers”

Check out Wikipedia’s complete “List of Composers by Name” (alphabetical order)

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Check out Wikipedia’s “List of Composers by Era”

•  List of classical music composers by era

•  List of Medieval composers

•  List of Renaissance composers

•  List of Baroque composers

•  List of Classical era composers

•  List of Romantic-era composers

•  List of 20th-century classical composers by birth date

•  List of 21st-century classical composers

•  List of Jazz Pianists

•  List of Blues Musicians

•  List of Boogie Woogie Musicians

•  Lists of Musicians (all genres and styles)


Check out Wikipedia’s list of composers A – Z


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