FREE PDF BOOK – “20 Ways to Motivate Teen Piano Students to Want to Play the Piano – the FUN Way”​ by Jerald Simon

Visit this link to download the FREE PDF:

Visit this link to download the FREE PDF book – “20 Ways to Motivate Teen Piano Students to Want to Play the Piano – the Fun Way” (a 113 page idea book that also includes 30 FREE piano solos composed by Jerald and exercises and lessons on jazz, improv, music theory, and composing):

Watch this video to learn how I motivate teen piano students with COOL SONGS I compose.

I created COOL SONGS – complete with backing tracks – to motivate and inspire piano students the FUN way!

I frequently receive emails from piano teachers and parents of piano students from all over the world who want to know how to motivate their piano students, especially during their teenage years. They ask me for tips, suggestions, ideas, or resources to better help them inspire or motivate their piano students (or themselves) to keep playing the piano. I tell them they can visit my website at for hundreds of FREE resources in addition to all of the music books I have created featuring original songs I have composed for the piano. I encourage them to also subscribe to my YouTube channel:, and watch the hundreds of FREE video piano lessons I have on my channel in addition to receiving the new piano lessons, music videos, and COOL SONGS I come out with every month for those who subscribe to my monthly subscription club (The COOL SONGS club). I refer to all of these resources I create as the essential PIANO FUNdamentals (emphasis on the word FUN – because piano lessons should, of course, be educational, but they should also be enjoyable).

Even piano students who love to play the piano are continually looking for cool sounding music to keep them excited and motivated to play the piano, as well as share their love of piano playing with their families, friends, and peers. After playing my COOL SONGS, piano teachers often send me an email thanking me for creating the COOL SONGS they are teaching their students. Parents continually inform me their teen piano student is more excited about their piano lessons because of these fun piano pieces I composed, which were initially intended for the teen piano students I, myself, was teaching, who said they hated the piano and wanted to quit piano lessons. I explain in the video above how and why I began creating these COOL SONGS to motivate teenage piano students. Watch the video above!

Many teen piano students want to play cool sounding music they can share with their friends. Many want to play music that sounds like what they hear on the radio or their playlists – complete with drums, guitars, and keyboard synths. They want to play popular sounding music at their level and be able to perform this music for their peers. They want the music they play to sound cool!

If these COOL SONGS will help your piano students, or if you know other piano teachers or parents of piano students who would benefit from these COOL SONGS, please share this post with them. You can forward this email on to your family and friends or share this post on your social media pages.

Visit this link to download the FREE PDF book: and read more about how and why I began composing these COOL SONGS as they have become known, to motivate piano students – especially during their teenage years.

These are some of the COOL SONGS packages I have composed (a compilation of 163 COOL SONGS between these various books below). After downloading the FREE PDF above, you can visit this link to learn more about these COOL SONGS: There is a special discounted offer when you visit the previous link that you won’t find from any music store, Amazon, or even my own website.

These COOL SONGS are helping teen piano students and adults all over the world to learn music theory the FUN way and have an enjoyable time taking piano lessons. The main three areas I try to focus on in my teaching and in composing these COOL SONGS are: 

          (1) Theory Therapy, (2) Innovative Improvisation, and (3) Creative Composition.

Please let me know if I can help in any way, or if there is anything I can do for you!

Good luck on your musical journey! I’m excited to have you begin playing these COOL SONGS and receiving feedback from you about each of these.

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

If you know other piano teachers, parents of piano students, or piano students who may enjoy this article, please share it with them. Let me know how I can help you on your musical adventure!

Your Music Mentor,

Jerald Simon

Jerald Simon - Music Mentor, piano teacher, Music Motivation

First and foremost, Jerald is a husband to his beautiful wife, Zanny, and a father to his wonderful children. Jerald Simon is the founder of Music Motivation® (, a company he formed to provide music instruction through workshops, giving speeches and seminars, and concerts and performances in the field of music and motivation. He is a composer, author, poet, and Music Mentor/piano teacher(primarily focusing his piano teaching on music theory, improvisation, composition, and arranging). Jerald loves spending time with his wife, Zanny, and their children. In addition, he loves music, teaching, speaking, performing, playing sports, exercising, reading, writing poetry and self help books, and gardening.

Jerald created as a resource for piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students. In 2008 he began creating his Cool Songs to help teach music theory – the FUN way by putting FUN back into theory FUNdamentals. Jerald has also filmed hundreds of piano lesson video tutorials on his YouTube page ( and has a monthly Cool Songs Subscription for piano teachers and piano students (studying with a teacher or independently). He is the author/poet of “The As If Principle” (motivational poetry), and the books “Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers”, “Motivation in a Minute”, and “Who Are You?”. Jerald is also the author of 24 music books from the Music Motivation® Series and has also recorded and produced several albums and singles of original music. You can listen to Jerald’s music on Pandora, Spotify, iTunesAmazon, and all online music stations. Jerald’s books and CDs are also available from Amazon.

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