Enter to win a FREE Monthly Giveaway to receive the Cool Songs Package (two given away every month)

Enter to win FREE Giveaway by Jerald Simon (Music Motivation)

Every month, I am doing a free monthly giveaway to one piano teacher and one piano student every single month during the year. This will be an ongoing giveaway every month. The winners will be announced on the second Friday of each month. One lucky piano teacher and one lucky piano student will each win one of my Cool Songs Individual Piano Teacher Packages if they are a piano teacher or one of my Cool Songs Individual Piano Student Packages if they are a piano student. You can read more about these packages on my website at this link: http://musicmotivation.com/coolsongs/

Here is what you need to do to be entered in the drawing each month:

1. You must be subscribed to my YouTube page (youtube.com/jeraldsimon)
2. You must like and follow my Facebook page (facebook.com/jeraldsimon) (the winners will be announced and shared on my Facebook page)
3. You must share the following image/link on one of your social media pages (this image/link can be linked to my website/blog post on “How to Motivate Teen Piano Students to Play the Piano” – here is the link: http://musicmotivation.com/how-to-motivate-teen-piano-students-to-play-the-piano/ (you can also click on the image below to read the blog post).

Motivate piano students with Cool Songs composed by Jerald Simon - Music Motivation

That’s it! After you have done those three things, you can be entered to win one of the Cool Song packages listed above (Cool Songs Individual Piano Teacher Package or my Cool Songs Individual Piano Student Package). Once entered, you will be entered to win with each monthly giveaway even if you don’t receive the free giveaway the month you entered. When you have completed all three, send me a Facebook message at facebook.com/jeraldsimon, or email me at jeraldsimon@musicmotivation.com. Every time you share this post or any post from my website, your name will automatically be re-entered again. The more times you share my blog posts the more times your name will be entered and the greater the chance you will have of receiving the free giveaway. Once you have won the giveaway, we would love to have your share a review with us and share videos on your social sites featuring you playing some of the COOL SONGS I’ve composed. Two will be given away each month as mentioned above.

Here is what you receive with this package:

  • Five PDF books featuring 73 Cool Songs composed by Jerald:

(1). Cool Songs for Cool Kids Primer Level,
(2). Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 1,
(3). Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 2,
(4). Cool Songs for Cool Kids book 3, and
(5). Essential Piano Exercises

  • You will be able to download an additional 80 + Cool Songs from previous years of the Cool Songs (not found in the five PDF books) with the accompanying MP3 minus tracks.

You can click on the videos below to watch some of the 80+ COOL SONGS from my YouTube channel where I teach how to play the COOL SONG with the accompanying minus track (it’s a personal mini piano lesson for each individual COOL SONG – I am in the process of filming video lessons for all of the pieces from the books, but these video lessons are currently for the 80+ COOL SONGS that are not in books yet).

Each of the 80 additional cool songs are emailed as a PDF sheet music download. Plus, you receive the link to watch the video of Jerald teaching the Cool Song and the theory as well. Each piece has up to three MP3s (some are piano solos only, but most have accompaniment background minus tracks):

(1) The Cool Song at performance speed with Jerald playing the piece so students can hear how it should sound
(2) The Cool Song at performance speed without the piano so students can perform the piece, and
(3) The Cool Song at practice speed where the music has been cut in half of the original speed.

This will be an ongoing FREE giveaway with winners every month. At the end of the year all of the individual monthly winners and those who entered but did not win each month will then be entered in a GRAND PRIZE contest where one lucky winner will receive all of my physical spiral bound music books and paperback motivational/self help/poetry books I have created. Currently that is a total of 20 music books (soon to be 21), 3 motivational self help books, and 1 motivational poetry book plus all of my music albums as MP3 downloads (currently I have 10 albums, 2 EPs, and 4 singles – you can listen to my music at this link on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jerald-simon/606665157). This grand prize contest will be an annual contest as well that will be awarded at the end of each year.

Click on the image below to download FREE PDF music

Download FREE Piano Music and Resources by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation (musicmotivation.com)

As a way to say thank you to everyone who visits my website, I have a perpetual 15% discount coupon you can enter on every order – no limit or restrictions. This coupon never expires and is good for piano teachers and piano students who have subscribed to my blog and my YouTube channel (youtube.com/jeraldsimon). Simply enter “coolsongs” at checkout on any purchase and you will automatically receive a 15% discount on everything you purchase – every day and every time. It’s my way of saying thank you to the countless piano teachers who inspire and motivate and the wonderful piano students who light up and come alive as I teach them and work with them. I hope you enjoy this discount!

15% off discount on everything in the store. This coupon never expires - ever! Simply enter "coolsongs" at checkout when it asks if you have a coupon. - Music Motivation (Jerald Simon)


30% OFF Teacher Coupon Request – re-sell my books to your piano students in your studio and make a profit!

For those who are piano teachers and would like to sell or re-sell any of my books to their piano students (the spiral bound books), I am setting up each individual piano teacher with their own store coupon code that they will be able to use every time they order any spiral bound or paper back books or physical CDs from my website. With this coupon code you, as a teacher, will then receive a continual 30% off price on every physical product you purchase from my website (this pricing does not apply to the PDF downloadable files or the licenses). You can then re-sell the books to your piano students at full price and make a profit on every book you sell to your piano students. To receive the continual 30% off discount you will need to purchase at least $100.00 worth of physical products per year (which if you only bought one of each of my 21 books you would be spending well over $300.00 as it is). This way you can receive a discounted price and make a profit by re-selling the books to your students. If you are a piano or music teacher and would like to begin this process, just let me know. I will have an official form on my website in the next week or so. But, if you’d like to get started purchasing physical books for your studio sooner, you can email me by going to this link on my website: http://musicmotivation.com/contact-jerald/ – In the subject line put “30% OFF Teacher Coupon Request”. You can then tell me a little about yourself in the message and introduce yourself and your studio to me. I’d love to hear what styles you prefer teaching, what genres you enjoy, and if you are more interested in music theory, improvisation, arranging, or composition. Let me know what resources you’d like and I can create music and piano resources that will help you in your teaching. I want to do everything I can to help piano teachers and piano students improve and excel in music.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

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