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I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with all of the festivities of December! I always look forward to Christmas and seeing the lights, hearing the music, eating all of the goodies, being with family and friends, and feeling the spirit of giving and helping those around us as well. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

I want to personally thank everyone for the kind emails I have received – whether it has been nice messages about my YouTube videos I post, my various styles of music and albums/singles I have composed, to others thanking me for my poetry and self help books I have come out with. I am so grateful for your words of encouragement and thoughtfulness to me. It really means so much to me. You are the reason I continue to do what I do and I enjoy meeting so many of you at workshops, seminars, master classes, and conventions and receiving feedback from you about what is helping you and how I can be of more assistance to you. So thank you all so much!

This month has been a pretty busy month for me, as I am sure it has been for everyone else as well. I have finished one new music book, Sand Castles, one new self help book, “Who Are You” (Your Personal Success Goal Book), and created a new Life Skills Course titled: WHO ARE YOU? (Get to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, goals, dreams, hopes, fears, and potential!) that I will begin teaching and presenting in January 2018. In addition, I am currently finishing two new albums that will come out next month: Castles in the Sky, and EFFORTLESS (I will come out with the piano sheet music books in addition to the albums that will be uploaded on my iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora channels. It’s been busy, but it has been wonderful.

I want to give a FREE PDF book to everyone as my Christmas gift to each of you. Since you are subscribed to my emailing list, you will be able to select any PDF book that is $9.95 and when you go to check out, simply enter freepdf as a coupon discount. This coupon discount will give you a discount of $9.95 (which is the list price of most of the PDF books from my website). This coupon will only last until December 25th and is only good for one FREE PDF book per person. In order to receive this FREE PDF book you must be subscribed to my email list and subscribed to my YOUTUBE Channel as well (youtube.com/jeraldsimon). When checking out, simply enter freepdf when it asks if you have a coupon or code and it will automatically remove $9.95 from the total of your order. If purchasing a PDF book that costs $9.95, then you will get the PDF book for FREE (MERRY CHRISTMAS!). If you will be purchasing other books then you can automatically deduct $9.95 from the total order. Remember, to receive the FREE PDF you must be subscribed to my email list and my YouTube Channel.

In addition, I am also giving a 45% discount on everything purchased from my website starting today and ending on Monday, December 25th as well. To receive the 45% discount, you can simply enter the code: christmas2017 when it asks if you have a coupon or code at checkout and you will automatically receive the discount before paying. This 45% off code cannot be combined with the freepdf code because the system will not allow both to be used in one transaction. You can use both codes one time each. If you would like to receive a FREE PDF book, simply select one of my PDF books valued at $9.95 and enter the code freepdf to receive the book for free. You can then place a second order using the code christmas2017 to receive the 45% off discount. You can only use each code one time per user, but, you can have any piano student use both of these codes to receive a free pdf book of their choice and receive the 45% off discount. Remember, these coupon/codes will only be good until Monday, December 25th, 2017. After Christmas day you will not be able to use these coupons to receive the free pdf book or the 45% off discount so take advantage of this sale while it lasts. During that time, you will be able to purchase any of my spiral bound music books, PDF books, studio licensesMotivational books/Self Help books, CDs, or Cool Songs packages for the discounted price. If you have thought about purchasing the Cool Songs packages before, now is the time to do so.

This is my way of saying thank you to all of the wonderful piano teachers, piano students, and parents of piano students who follow this blog and have become, in many ways, part of my musical family! Thank you to everyone!

Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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Here is the cover of my book: “WHO ARE YOU?” (Your Personal Success Goal Book) (also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble):

Who Are You? Your personal success goal book by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation


The companion book that goes along with this personal success goal book is my book, “Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers” (also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble) Both books are included in the Life Skills Course, WHO ARE YOU?:

Perceptions, Parables, and Pointers by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation


You can click on this image below to learn more about the LIFE SKILLS Course, WHO ARE YOU? (Get to know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, goals, dreams, hopes, fears, and potential!) I will begin teaching to teens ages 12-20 starting in January, 2018:

Man sitting under The Milky Way Galaxy with light on his hands. - Who Are You by Jerald Simon - published by Music Motivation


You can click on this image below to learn more about my new book: “Sand Castles” (10 New Age Contemporary Piano Solos): (also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble):

Sand Castles by Jerald Simon (complete PDF book) - published by Music Motivation (front cover image)


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Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

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